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Charlotte, NC Area Jobs
Charlotte, NC Full-time
Posted on August 7, 2018
COMPONENT ENGINEER for Siemens Energy, Inc. (Charlotte, NC) to dev dtld & cmplx dsgn assessmnts & rlease eng inf to spprt mnfctre & srvce rpair of lrge elec gnrtr rtr, sttr, exctr, & cllctr prdcts. Req Mast in Mech Eng or rel + 2 yrs exp in job offrd or acc alt occ. Alt, empl wll accept Bach in abv lstd flds + 5 yrs exp in job offrd or acc alt occ. Mst hve 2 yrs exp w/: prdct knwldge frm dsgn cncpts to prdct dfntn, prcrmnt, prdctn, strge, trnsprt, erctn, cmmssnng, & oprtn; exp w/ spprt of tech advce, trblshtng, cprtve prblm slvng, dspstn of prdct dviatns, prcss rview, & exctn of dsgn imprvmnts; exp w/ cmplte Gnrtr New App & Srvce prjcts as prt of Cstmr Ordr Eng Team incl evluatng all reqs to specs, cnfgrng & issuing all Bills of Mtrial (BoMs), idntfyng & mkng all drwngs & BoMs on shrtge incl trnsmttl drwngs to cstmrs; exp w/ SAP & Teamcntr; exp w/ Fnte Elmnt Mdlng; exp w/ strctrl anlyss of wldd cmpnnts; exp w/ AAR reqs fr rail car shpmnt of lrge gnrtrs. Apprx 10% trvl req. Mail rsms Michael Kellermann, Siemens Corp, 3850 Quadrangle Blvd., MS: HRS-144, Orlando, FL 32817. Ref MK/GL. Must be authrzed to wrk in US prmnntly.