Mathematics Faculty

Cleveland Community College
Shelby, NC Full-time
Posted on June 14, 2019

9-Month Mathematics Faculty

Faculty 9-month

Refer to Section 3.5 Faculty in the Policies and Procedures Manual for more information.
2. Work a 35-hour workweek, including five office hours per week. 
3. Teach assigned courses. This includes on-campus, online, and off-campus classes, including on high school campuses.
4. Teach appropriate course content.
5. Provide equitable course content and student learning outcomes in all courses regardless of location or delivery method.
6. Develop course syllabi according to NCCCS course descriptions and College standards, and adhere to course syllabus.
7. Complete end-of-course assessments, formative (on-going) assessments and provide adjustments with teaching methods to meet learning outcomes.
8. Maintain web attendance. Regularly submit grades, grade history reports, and other required academic data.
9. Be available, via traditional or electronic means, for assistance, for responding to questions, or otherwise assisting students in a timely manner (response times must be reflected in the course syllabus and those response times adhered to).
10. Encourage completion of end-of-course student evaluations.
11. Allow and encourage participation in other College-required surveys (i.e. CCSSE).
12. Maintain proficiency with all classroom equipment both on and off campus. Keep equipment secure.
13. Participate in student recruitment, advisement, advisory committee meetings, curriculum development, pre-registration and registration.
14. Attend Commencement Exercises, convocations, student orientations, as well as additional meetings and activities as required.
15. Participate in professional development activities and College-required training.
16. Track and record professional development through artifacts, syllabi, assessments, and evaluations as part of a portfolio of progress that becomes part of the annual review.
17. Recognize opportunities for improvement from formative and summative evaluations through input into professional development plans/and or goals. 
18. Establish and cultivate effective relationships with community agencies, employers, and educational partners.
19. Remain current on teaching methods with technology through the incorporation of strategies that augment instructional delivery and facilitate positive learning outcomes.
20. Maintain knowledge of appropriate College systems and employs technology to access data, maintain records, and communicate with others.
21. Use the College Learning Management System to deliver online instruction and enhance on campus and off campus instruction through all courses.
22. Ensure quality by complying with all criteria standards represented in the College’s adopted course evaluation template for online and hybrid courses.
23. Ensure the accessibility of all course content and activities to maximize learning opportunities for every student. 
24. Assist with the College’s library collection development by selecting, evaluating, and weeding learning resources in each appropriate discipline as requested. 
25. Adhere to all published policies and procedures.
26. Communicate effectively and work cooperatively with others in a collegial environment.
27. Serve on committees as required.
28. Perform other duties as assigned and other related assignments incident to the work described herein.
29. Ability to work effectively and collegially with others.
30. Skilled in the use of computers and commitment to use of technology.
31. Experience with current version of MS Office or similar programs. 
32. Excellent oral and written communication skills
33. Provide exceptional customer service with people internal and external to the institution.
34. Familiarity with and appreciation for the mission of a comprehensive community college.
35. Effectiveness in the following College organizational competencies:
- Translating College purpose, values, and vision into organizational action
- Collaborating and facilitating
- Creating and innovating
- Anticipating and responding to change
- Providing vision and leadership
36. Flexible and adapts to change.
37. Ability to multi-task with multiple departments and activities of others.

Qualifications are dependent on discipline. Refer to 3.5.2 Faculty Qualifications in the Policies and Procedures Manual for more information.
Master’s Degree in Mathematics or Master’s degree with 18 graduate semester hours in Mathematics (Official Transcripts showing proof of earned degree required before offer of employment).
Unofficial transcripts are acceptable for interviewing.
A working knowledge of teaching Pre-Calculus, Statistics, and Quantitative Literacy courses, as well as having a broad range of familiarity with all math courses taught at the community college level.
Ability to teach in a variety of formats: on campus, off-campus, (including area high schools), hybrid, and online with traditional and dual enrolled students.
Strong organizational and communication skills.

Experience with Blackboard, My Math Lab, Connect Math, Openstax and/or Lumen.

Knowledge with using the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator in instruction.

Minimum of two years teaching experience at the community college level.

Yearly salary range $42,381 to $63,612

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