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Posted on September 22, 2021

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We are looking for RN's interested in Training and Job opportunities in Forensic Nursing.



The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) will provide timely, non-judgmental, compassionate care to the
sexual assault victim. This will include a forensic exam, prophylaxis for pregnancy and sexually transmitted
diseases, photographic documentation, referrals for appropriate medical and psychological follow-up, support and participation in legal proceedings. The SANE is expected to follow protocols established by the Medical Director and/or management of the SANE Program for which the SANE is employed.

❖ Ability to triage patients to determine if a medical exam is needed before a forensic exam.
❖ Coordinate care by all agencies involved in assisting the sexual assault victim and coordinate referrals for appropriate medical and psychological follow-up as needed for each patient.
❖ Perform and document sexual assault and forensic interview accurately.
❖ Perform a complete physical and forensic evidence collection examination including Head-to-Toe assessment for trauma, detailed genital examination, forensic specimen collection and documentation, including photography, and assess for mandatory reporting status, reporting when appropriate.
❖ Document detailed injuries accurately with support of photographic evidence.
❖ Maintain chain of custody for each sexual assault exam and adhere to evidence protocols
❖ Maintain professional standards that do not create conflict of interests with employment or patient care, including patient and medical record confidentiality
❖ Must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on-call.
❖ Administer appropriate prophylactic medications per protocols
❖ Provide testimony as fact witness to any/all cases performed while with SANE and coordinate with attorneys during the judicial process.

❖ Responsible for maintaining clinical expertise as a SANE.

A) Maintain current Registered Nurse Licensure or higher.
B) Maintain malpractice insurance (1,000,000/3,000,000).
C) Complete the initial state SANE training.
D) Complete the initial and on-going preceptor requirements as identified by the SANE program
E) Debrief as needed to maintain emotional and physical wellness.

F) Maintain open communication with the SANE Coordinator and/or management of the SANE Program on a regular basis.
G) Maintain equipment in proper working condition and exercise fiscal responsibility of the unit's resources.
H) Share individual expertise with the other members of SANE
I) Maintain competency by maintaining active performance of cases with no lapse of greater than six months
J) Pass a SANE specific med-test upon initial SANE practice and every other year.
K) Participate in quality assurance chart and photograph review process as determined by the SANE program
L) Adhere to all administrative, clinical, and employment policies and procedures on file with the SANE Program or hiring agency.
M) Commit to cover minimum number of shifts, holiday coverage, and other scheduling requirements as determined by the SANE program
N) Participate in professional development as determined by the SANE program, including staff meetings, conferences, and in-services.