U.S. Small Business Administration

Charlotte , NC


U.S. Small Business Administration
Charlotte, NC Temporary
Posted on October 5, 2018

Office of Disaster Assistance, Field Operations Center East, Atlanta, GA


Duties: Public speaking, assist in preparing and disseminating news releases and articles for the media, preparing written and oral communications, media coverage of local events, such as press conferences and town hall meetings or other targeted audiences.

Requirements: Must have one year of related work experience and the computer skills sufficient to utilize Microsoft Office functions, such as, Outlook, Word, Excel, desktop publishing, and the Internet, and to navigate within a database to input and retrieve information.

Salaries start at $16 - $38/hour – Additional locality pay may be added. Mandatory weekend and evening hours Overtime paid for work over 40 hours/wk. Requires extended periods of travel

Background and credit checks are required Credit score must be at least 500 A valid driver’s license may be required Must be a U. S. citizen

These temporary positions are for approximately 30-90 days. Candidates are required to travel to a disaster site and may encounter hazardous working and/or living conditions, i.e., no water or electricity and/or minimal lodging facilities. Travel expenses are compensated based on SBA policy and federal regulations.

Candidates must include the dates and hours worked per week for each job listed on their resume.

Email resumes using the Apply Now link. Please do not submit multiple resumes.